How to Stay Focused in Life

focusYou can’t.

That’s it.

Don’t even try.

That’s the whole post.

There is nothing I can say in this post to teach you how to stay focused in life!

Sure I can give you some minor pointers that will mean nothing to you. Because you’ve got the phone ringing, your grandma needs help this weekend, your kid has a test tomorrow, which they haven’t studied nearly enough for, your boss is a jerk, and your car needs fixing. You don’t have time to read a post about how to stay focused. Go do those things and just breathe.

There’s your focus.

Good luck!

P.S. And I’ve got something burning on the stove.

Literally! So much for my focus.


Share with us how you stayed focused today and we’ll ALL collectively pat you on the back. Because we, at Whimsical Thinkers know how hard it is.

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