Keep Calm and Eat a Cookie: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Child From Going Insane After School

cookieYou slaved half the day getting the right cookie ingredients from two different stores, because the first one was out of toffee bars. You cursed four times while making the batter, because the Facebook link your friend sent you kept crashing. But you’ve finally succeeded, and your Brown Butter and Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies are delightful, and look like they are ready for their Bon Appetit cover.

You’ve successfully ignored the two loads of laundry that you absolutely promised yourself you would get to today. You deliberately walked by the three unmade beds, because you decided to wait for the hotel, daily, cleaning lady service you think you have, but never shows up.

Rather, you happily fussed in the kitchen, because you want your munchkins to eat homemade cookies instead of those sugar-infested, overpriced atrocities at the grocers, which let’s face it you can make better. And, why you have! Congratulations! Gold star for you.

You are waiting for your little ones to walk through the door, so you can feed them home-made goodness, peacefully review homework, and send them off to after-school taekwondo to better their little growing bodies.

Quite honestly, you feel wonderful. The sun is shining. You are in a great mood. This is going to be just like that one Parenting Magazine article you read last week, entitled, De-Stress Your Afternoon Routine.


Your spoiled, unappreciative devil gets off the bus.

Blood-curdling cries erupt because you remind him he has to go to taekwondo at 7.

He did ALL of his homework on the bus, while it was driving a whole of 10 minutes, and is now shouting at you that there is no way in this universe that he is doing MORE homework today.

And, why can’t he play with eight of his closest neighborhood friends at HIS house, (god-forbid theirs) RIGHT NOW!


You take a deep breath and follow these:




  • Take a deep breath and don’t reply. – He’s been in school for eight hours. He is not thinking straight. Not to mention, he hasn’t eaten. It’s like dealing with a person who has had too much to drink. There is no reasoning. So, what’s the point? JUST BREATH.


  • Kill them with kindness. – Works on your enemies, why not a screaming, unsettled seven-year-old. Bend down, give him a hug or a kiss. The gesture will be so insane, and unexpected that he’ll be dumbfounded into returning your hug and immediately cease his tirade.


  • Take his hand – the gesture is so subtle, warm, and again unforeseen, that he’ll feel the warmth and realize how silly he’s acting. Hopefully.


  • Feed him – immediately after stepping foot in the house, wash his hands and head for the kitchen. There is no dealing with an empty stomach.


  • Vegge out – give him time to rest. Gravity Falls, SpongeBob, whatever calms his little overzealous mind, just give him time to unwind.


         The above steps have been tested by 30 stay-at-home and professional moms.

If you’ve done steps 1 through 5 and your child is still in the middle of his drama extravaganza. Throw the white towel in, and get the iPad while you yourself enjoy your Brown Butter and Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie.


If you are our 31st mom who has successfully gone through steps 1 through 5. CLICK LIKE, and comment below.

Thank you to Bon Appetit for providing the recipe for these delicious cookies:

Thank you to West Windsor Taekwondo for improving the health of our little guys:


Read about West Windsor Taekwondo Kickboxing Academy in our post, HOW TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KID WHILE WATCHING THEM AT AN AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITY.



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