How to Get Flowers into Your House




I don’t know how many people prefer to have fresh flowers in their homes on an ongoing basis. It would actually be interesting to conduct a poll. The poll would separate people into levels of flower fanatics; zealous aficionados who collect, grow, prune, arrange and pray for their flowers to grow. The second category would be effortless admirers who absolutely love flowers, their aroma, their fluorescence, their beauty but only enough to occasionally purchase a bouquet or two to fulfill a special occasion need. And, of course, no poll would be complete without the haters. Well, they might not exactly be haters. They might just be people who don’t care about having flowers or not in their living spaces.

I don’t know which category I would fall into. For you see, I think of myself as a flower fanatic, except I don’t actually want to do too much about it. I don’t emerge myself deeply into botany. When my favorite European Bayleaf (Laurel Bay) starts to look weird in its pot, and by weird I mean yellow instead of green, I panic, call everyone I know, most certainly the neighbor who gave it to me, and ask what to do. I also fall into the category of people who can’t stand the decomposing stench drifting from flower-filled vases that have been sitting out too long, but I can’t be bothered to throw them out before they get to that point.  And yet, I absolutely do love the look, smell and feel of fresh flowers and plants in my home.

More importantly, I love the idea of the process itself  – how, specifically, flowers find their way into a home. For me, the situation begins with the desire to possess a startlingly colorful arrangement. It usually occurs while I’m speed-lining through Wegmans en-route to the yogurt aisle for my son’s favorite brand of yogurt. From the corner of my eye, I see a glimpse of sophisticated roses, whimsical gerberas, and playful freesias, and I’m a goner. All thoughts of proper child nutrition evaporate from my mind, and I’m left daydreaming about lying in a field of flowers somewhere in Tuscany.    

Thinking that I can make that dream a reality, I stop, grab a bunch of bouquets, and immediately go to pay for them; forgetting why I came to the Wegmans in the first place.


I also adore when friends gift me flowers. It’s such a warm and fuzzy feeling that could probably only be matched by getting a diamond ring or a loved-one’s kisses (depends on what you prefer more). Of course, nothing comes close to the delight I feel when my husband brings me flowers, which he does quite often, I might add, and especially on not-expected-of-him occasions.

I immediately assume my position at the kitchen counter, and begin arranging my flowers into creative centerpieces that adorn every corner of the house I can plop them in.

So, if you are like me and love flowers secretly…or openly…you will find these easy steps how-to-get flowers in your space useful.

  1. Buy perfectly pre-arranged bouquets at Wegmans for startlingly low prices. Pink roses and Matsumoto asters; lavender cremones; light blue delphinium; white button poms; baby’s breath; seeded eucaplyptus and variegated pittosporum is just one arrangement example you can bring home besides carrots and milk.



2. Pick flowers while on a nature walk. You know those wild growing daffodils somewhere out in a field or better yet on the side of the road a block away from your kids’ school. Nobody planted them there. So nobody will miss them, but they will look compliment-worthy on your kitchen table.  

3. Pick a fight with your significant other and wait for the “I’m sorry” bouquet. Ok, fine that’s too obscene just for a bouquet of flowers. Second best option: pout like a debutante at an 1820s ball, batting your eyelashes while sighing how much you love the smell of tulips. Then pray your significant other knows you better than that; will see through your acting-101-gone-wrong, feel bad for you, and buy you that flower arrangement because he feels awful that your acting career has gone to waste.

4. Of course, you can also plant yourself. Dig, spread manure, dig some more, plant and wait. Oh, and let’s not forget water repeatedly.


Last one has proven to be too much work for me personally, so I always revert to number 1. I never resort to number 3.


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