Why I Write About Every Subject


The goal of Whimsical Thinkers is to look at your everyday situations from a different, whimsical angle. To find the funny in your everyday life. I’m not a yogi. I’m not a photographer. I’m not a chef. I’m all of these in one. These vocations flow in and out of your life seamlessly endlessly. You go from your gym class to work from work to a store where you pick out a beautiful arrangement of flowers, or a new lense for your camera or a new bottle for your bar. Then you visit your mechanic because the exhaust on your car needs fixing. All these things are your everyday situations that are part of life. Which is why Whimsical Thinkers has no boundaries when it comes to topics we are covering or businesses we are writing about.

I’m proud to announce the latest everyday situation we will be covering: moving. We’ve all gone through it at some point or another beginning with the bravest move of our lives moving from our parents’ house into the wild, which is the world. And then we did it as adults to college; for some to married life, others some sort of cohabitation. It’s certainly your everyday situation like no other. Which is why Whimsical Thinkers will examine this from that different, filled-to-the rim whimsical, angle.



Stay tuned for Episode 1: I Can’t Live With Snakes Anymore!

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