House Project

Whimsical Thinkers, and by that I mean I, Donna, decided to take on a huge undertaking. I mean huge! I moved! Join me as I tell the story of what drove me to take the leap, the leap itself and the joys of making my new home the vision that I want it to be.

All this will be showcased to you in chronological episodes filled to the rim with pure whimsical insanity.

Episode 1

I Can’t Live With Snakes Anymore!

Yes, after 12 years of living in my cozy, almost maintenance-free townhome I have single-handedly decided that enough of a good thing was enough.

Reasons: there are more than one. We are a family of four! Reason #1: While the three tiny-bedroom, townhome was the right solution for a young married couple or a family of three; it is certainly not for a family of four. The growing amount of stuff, a family of four accumulates (all of it completely unnecessary by the way) couldn’t fit into our townhome anymore. And how could you possibly suggest, just don’t buy so much crap. You are probably reading this in line at Pottery Barn.

Reason #2: My husband would have to battle kid-noise, laundry-machine noise, my cooking noise, and yet another leak noise, all while trying to work from home in his opened-to-all sound wall-less office, that entrancingly albeit deceivably overlooked the entire house.

Reason #3: Each child had a bedroom, and my husband and I had the master. Therefore, our guests would have to sleep in the only logical choice room, the kitchen. No joke. The living room was right off the kitchen, and we had brilliantly put the only fold-out couch we had there. The other rooms were the non-fold-out-couch-filled family room and dining room which also served as the entry way.

Reason #4: There were three closets in the house! OK I’m exaggerating, there were 4. (Ha, Look at my bourgeois attitude. Not enough closet space. Sounds hilarious doesn’t it? (This is coming from a girl who grew up in a one-bedroom apartment in Russia that had no closets at all.) But America is the home of excess, and I was getting pretty fed up stuffing my jackets together with boots, summer shoes, tennis rackets, basketballs, tennis balls, hats, and a vacuum cleaner into a tiny hallway closet all while trying to keep it organized.



Reason #5: And this is the doozy that pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t live with snakes anymore. That’s right people you read it correctly snakes. For you see the house was desirably positioned to back out to the woods. Beautiful manicured-by-the-association grass surrounded by massive trees and more trees, and a picturesque path that lead to a canal. This canal was breathtaking. You could rent kayaks and paddle your way down a picture-perfect river with drooping willows, sunbathing turtles and slithering in the water garter snakes. Every spring and summer the snakes would slowly glide their way to my entirely arranged, dry-mulch-filled bed for plants and them. Reason being was that my house was facing the sun, hence the inside and the outside were always basking in the sun, and so were the snakes. My front porch and the mulch beds were their tanning salons. Hence my friend termed my house their summer cottage. I love nature and almost everything that makes its home in it, but I hate snakes! And after the latest snake perched herself on my front porch expecting for me to lay out her summer cottage welcome, I said enough is enough and began to look for a snake-free home.

Stay tuned for Episode 2: The Selling Begins aka Dealing With Wacky Buyers

More crazy stories coming your way.

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