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Everyday situation: Getting sick

Whimsical Thinkers’ advice:

Forget it, and here’s how…




Ladies, you know exactly what I’m referring to. Most women and moms I know don’t allow themselves to feel sick. We, ok I (I just like hiding behind groups) mistakenly think we have too much to do to ever be sick. You know the “rest” thing that every doctor repeats on auto? Yeah, right. That unfolded laundry hamper you thought you cleverly hid inside the closet, but now saw again when you went to get your sweatpants, is giving your conscience an itch that cannot be ignored. The dishes that are piled in the sink from last night’s dinner are my and my mom’s worst pet peeve. How can I nap without cleaning those up? The kids’ rooms are a mess. Legos everywhere. How many socks can one nine-year-old try on and leave about? And, what was he doing cutting paper in there anyway while trying on socks?

And isn’t it always a fair coincidence that the day you get sick, is the day your house looks like T-Rex walked through it five minutes ago. Why can’t you ever get sick the day after your house cleaners leave?

Housework is never ending!

Why can’t we just give it up? Sure, there are days…(alright, fine, who am I kidding? 1 day! That’s all we moms allow ourselves. 1 day! Per year!), when our fever spikes or we are sick with a stomach bug, so that we physically can’t roll out of bed or step out of the bathroom. However, and big HOWEVER, (I don’t know about other fellow moms but) if I’m not on that one-more-hour-from-death-bed, I don’t allow myself to feel sick. I’m curious how many moms will weigh in on this issue, and do, instead give themselves the luxurious permission to be ill. Of course, I’m referring to the compulsive helicopter moms, of whom I am one.

The kids’ snack is not prepared, and therefore, they will logically starve. Their homework is such a bitch, because it gives you the worst case of attitude; sitting there, perfectly untouched in their bookbags. They’ll never get into college if they don’t finish that third grade math sheet today. They haven’t done the 20-minute, mandatory-will-be-checked-by-police-teacher reading yet. And don’t get me started on that annual, your-company’s-welfare-depends-on-it report you promised your boss you (the overachiever that you are, pat-yourself-on-the-back for that one now) would have ready by tomorrow.

It’s so hard to, as the yogis say, empty your mind of all that worry and static, and just be sick.

Until today! Sure you weren’t doing it before because we all have too much on our plates, but now, you can finally let go, because there is a way.  Without further ado, I give you these tested by me only, but obviously, they-work-for-everyone, how-to-be-sick-for-moms rules!

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  1. No more powering through.  Get in bed and STAY THERE. You know how when men have the slightest cold they give off the impression that they are on their deathbed; moaning, groaning, hacking up all that mucus every annoying minute while they have a sore throat? Well, here is your chance to learn from them and milk those stuffy sinuses for all they’re worth.  You won’t even have to pretend. All you have to do is actually allow yourself to… feel sick.
  1. Ignore demands.  And when you finally close your eyes to rest, allow yourself not to respond to your family’s never-ending questions like; “where did I put my book mom?” or my favorite one, “I need toilet paper” coming from a thirteen-year-old who had time to bring in his iPad into the bathroom, but not the fresh roll of toilet paper. If you don’t answer at all, they’ll understand that mom is in fact, really sick.  But here’s the trick: ignore the internal demands too. Just because your mind says “let’s just tidy the bedroom – it’s almost like rest!” doesn’t mean you have to listen.
  1. Make your family take care of you. Wild one. I know. Never thought of it, have you? Actually tell them, in words you can still utter, through your stuffy nose and watery eyes, “Can you please get off your-video-game-obsessed-playing-butt and make me tea?” Don’t forget to add, “Darling son of mine” and give him a kiss on the cheek for encouragement. Guilt goes along way. You might actually be pleasantly surprised that your firstborn cares and wants to see you get better.  BTW, husbands are completely capable of delivering edible food (in some form), and have also been known to operate a washing machine. This applies to moms with babies or working husbands too, except you have to enlist all eligible adults, like your parent or your neighbor or anyone within a reasonable radius who might give a crap that nobody is around to help you today. Don’t stress, and phrase the line properly, like, “Mom, if you don’t come over and take care of your granddaughter, today, now, I might die.” Then lay back, close your eyes and see how fast your doorbell rings.

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  1. Finally, stop worrying so much. You’ll feel better tomorrow or the next day, and will clean the kitchen then. For now, just relax. Breathe/cough/blow your nose. Look out the window. Find something that will put a smile on your face. Just don’t look in the direction of your laundry hamper. However, if you are feeling up to it, find some strength to ready for this? Find a movie to watch. It might take some effort on your part, like lifting the remote control and scrolling through what’s on Demand. But if you can’t sleep but are chained to the bed (per rule #1), you have to pass the time somehow. Spacing out with a good movie is a MUST on a sick day. (See below my favorite movie suggestions).


Good luck! And feel better!


Movie suggestions to get you through a sick day.


For Women Only

Chick Flicks that make you happy:


Under The Tuscan Sun – who wouldn’t want to be taken to Tuscany while sick in bed through Diane Lane’s eyes. 

A Walk On The Moon – Viggo Mortensen can take me away in his caravan anytime that’s good for him. Bonus – you discover why Diane Lane was born to play adultery roles. 


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