Princeton Floral Design Charms All

One morning I came downstairs to my kitchen to find a beautiful birthday present. It was a vase unlike any I’ve seen before filled with a variety of white flowers. White on white. So simple yet unique for the flowers had a delicate flowing balance complementing one another; mingling together in a you-can’t-keep-staring bouquet.


I have always been intrigued by people who can make that kind of beauty come about and so I went to seek out Princeton Floral Design, a shop in downtown Princeton from where my arrangement had arrived.

Iryna Kudelya, owner of Princeton Floral Design welcomed me to her charmingly decorated shop to tell me about her love of flowers. 

The shop opened in the winter of 2018, and has quickly become the must go to destination for Princeton area residents. It gives an opportunity for customers to pick and choose from freshly cut flowers, stunning orchids, green planters and exclusive gifts from local artists. The flower boutique offers arrangements for everyday occasions, home and office beautifications, and of course, momentous events like weddings, mitzvahs and formal corporate functions

“I have alway been passionate about flower design, since I was surrounded by flowers in my mom’s garden,” says owner, Iryna Kudelya who was born in Ukraine and now lives in Princeton. “I always had different design ideas and having my own store allows me to realize my vision and creativity.”

That vision includes bringing together quality flowers from all over the world. “Some flowers come from different states in the United States, some from Holland. Roses come from Ecuador and Columbia,” she says. When the season comes about, Ms. Kudelya supports local growers and farmers by buying local flowers. “That’s why our flowers can last up to one-two weeks. Some last even more, depends on the type of flower. We take great pride in hand selecting exceptional flowers so our customers can have fresh bouquets.” 


When it comes to special occasions like planning a wedding, Princeton Floral Design spends hours preparing and brainstorming centerpieces that leave clients in awe. One design in particular caught my eye. A bouquet of garden roses, ranunculuses, hellebores and finished with eucalyptus and other greens harmoniously flowing in the air while being supported by two thin bronze stilts. (Pictured below.) 

And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching I was curious to know what Princeton Floral Design will showcase. Ms. Kudelya says “Red roses for sure. You can’t beat them. They are the signature flowers for Valentine’s Day. But we will also make custom made arrangements with all different variety of flowers for people who don’t want red and like something different.”

That’s when I chimed in. “I love something different! I’ll take two!”

For more information visit or call 609-688-8989.


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