5 Tips to Take the Best Photo From a Pro

This post is sponsored by Camera Meets Canvas. All opinions are my own.


In today’s photo-obsessed world where everybody has turned into a selfie-photographer-extraordinaire and our phones have more photo-apps than we know what to do with, I began to wonder if anyone knows what’s actually important to do while trying to take that selfie? Sure we all think we’ve got it. Point, shoot, make a duck face. But what are some important rules most photographers adhere to that can truly change how you take photos.

Whimsical Thinkers asked Brian Seidenfrau of Camera Meets Canvas to tell us steps we should follow to take truly exceptional photographs.

  1. Composition is very important. Positioning of the props and people, Make sure not to cut off any limbs. Usually A pet peeve of mine is when photographers don’t take notice and take snap a picture cutting off the bottom of somebody’s foot or right at the ankle or if it’s a photo of multiple people, one person’s (body may be cut out) is cut off. Sometimes people choose to cut the photo right at the neck which makes it look very odd. So be careful how you crop the photo. If it’s a wide angle shot and you cut it tight it can make it look weird. Cropping can be equally important to enhancing a photo. Zooming in tighter to showcase a subject can really make them pop. Things like light poles or distractions like signs should be avoided and cropped out.nina2-7926
  2. Lighting is very equally important. You can use a flashlight from another phone to enhance the light in your picture and it will make a huge difference. Or pay attention to what available light is around you, if there’s a lamp you can use or a street pole just go nearer the light source.
  3. Background check. Be aware of what’s in the frame besides the subject. Take out things in the background that look weird through the lens. (Make sure a tree branch is not behind someone sticking out of their head for instance.)
  4. Rule of thirds. Balance the photo. Instead of having the subject dead center, see where else you can position if you can position the subject to one side, it can make for a more interesting image and what can take up the rest of the photo. Symmetry can be pleasing to the eye in a photo as well, and repeating patterns. The eye likes to see patterns of “three”.Rule-of-thirds-comparison
  5. Want to make someone appear skinny? Extend your head away from your neck. This trick feels awkward but it makes a difference. Imagine picking your head up on a string. Can really enhance one’s features in the photo. Which we all want.




Brian specializes in portraiture portfolio, concert photography,special events, headshots, animal photography and photo booths. His background is self taught via countless hours absorbing online tutorials and subscription learning sites and a lot of trial and error. His favorite things to shoot is right what’s in front of him. He always has a camera with him as you never know when a “moment” will present itself. To contact Brian call (609) 369-0842 or email kidfrau@yahoo.com HIS WEBSITE is camerameetscanvas.com


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