Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company

This post is sponsored by Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company. All opinions are my own.


   Ever since Lisa and husband Scott Ruddy opened Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company in 2005, the tiny shop located at 30 Palmer Square East has become a staple, must-try eatery in Princeton, New Jersey. Serving up some of the most delectable and whimsical soups with today’s freshest ingredients, that include meats, poultry and seafood, and, of course, gluten-free and vegetarian options.

   Warmly known as the “soup place” to local Princetonians, the shop offers more than 50 varieties of soups with a large selection of gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, low fat and dairy-free varieties. Their Lobster Bisque soup is served with fresh chunks of lobster meat, and has therefore been affectionately-by-locals-termed, the “Best Lobster Bisque in the whole world!”

   More recently, the shop’s catering menu has completely evolved thanks to Lisa and Scott’s daughter, Alexandra Ruddy who graduated from The Culinary Institute of America and grew up in the shop. Ms. Ruddy revamped the shop’s catering line by expanding their menu to include a mini cocktail-size portions of everything on their menu to be served at parties; cleverly calling it, Specialty Cocktail Party Catering.

   In today’s constantly growing and changing food market, you have to love what you do. “People eat with their eyes first,” says Alexandra Ruddy, “If the presentation of the food isn’t 100 percent then the food isn’t going to taste as good. I absolutely love it, from the planning of what food the host wants, or what we are serving in the shop, to showcasing it, to grocery shopping, to preparing it. I love putting it all together. It shows the hard work and love that I have for what I do day in and day out!”

   And so do we Alexandra, so do we!

   Here are the top five reasons why you should not skip Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company.

lobster2 (1)


  1. Soup, soup and more soup!

In 2014 New Jersey Monthly magazine recognized Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company as “Best in New Jersey 2014” in the Soup, Salad, Sandwich category. More recently Princeton’s Town Topics awarded the shop with their Readers’ Choice Award 2018 for Best Sandwich spot. What draws people to Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company? Their Lobster Bisque, for one! It is really the best you’ve ever tasted. Made with whole, large chunks of lobster meat, fresh tomatoes and Sherry wine; it will leave you wanting to return to this shop for a very long time. If lobster is not your forte, try my nine-year-old Daniel’s favorite, Turkey Chili made with red beans, carrots, onions, separately simmered turkey meat and a plethora of spices. The soup takes four hours to make and after one bite you’ll understand why. “It’s delicious,” says Daniel Estulin.


        2. So much more than just soup!


Not in the mood for soup today? The shop offers quite the delectable variety of specialty sandwiches, salads, real fruit smoothies and a kids menu surprisingly adults can’t stop ordering from! How could you not want to try the Strawberry Jam sandwich made with in-house-made strawberry jam, fresh basil, mint, muenster cheese on seven-grain bread?


Soup and sandwich is not your thing but salads are try the Baked Goat Cheese salad. It is made with craisins, caramelized walnuts, chopped bacon; tossed in in-house-made-apple cider vinegar dressing and drizzled with honey.


     3. Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company is not only about lunch now!


Didn’t have time for breakfast today? No problem, the shop’s bagels come directly from Brooklyn and are served with illy coffee. In addition to breakfast, the shop offers dinner, delivery and catering. How can you go wrong with such popularly-growing specialty as Avocado Toast? Toasted 7-grain bread with tomato, avocado mix with salt and pepper, old bay, lemon juice and cilantro with a drizzle of their in-house chipotle mayo delivered right to your very own door! Planning a cocktail party? The shop proudly presents their Specialty Cocktail Party Catering line where you can sample the entire menu in a mini, friendly, cocktail-size portions.


Mini spinach and feta turkey burger sliders with lettuce and tomato and chipotle mayo on homemade bread.



Lobster salad with homemade veggies on an edible corn/lime cracker spoon.


Snapper ceviche in poppy seed tarts.


   4. Gluten and Food Allergy Friendly


If you have food allergies or food intolerance, don’t worry, Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company has something for you! The shop offers numerous gluten-free and vegetarian options. “I’m so happy to offer this to today’s clients who are asking for it,” says Lisa Ruddy. “We daily offer at minimum two or three soups that are gluten-free, as well as specialty-made-by-a-baker, gluten-free bagels and baguettes. People come in with allergies but they still want to try things. We aim to include everyone. We have a great team of dedicated professionals. I couldn’t do this if it weren’t for them.”


   5.  It’s a Family Affair


They make you feel like you are part of a community! For me it’s not their enticing combo meal or their growing 4-star Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor ratings. It’s their obvious pride in making a difference in today’s culinary scene that draws me personally in. When I walk into the shop, I feel like I am part of their family. Whether it’s my mom visiting for the day or my kids craving their Lobster Bisque soup on a weekend; I love to sit outside in the summer and watch the world go by as I’m sipping my out-of-this-world strawberry smoothie.

Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company is located at 30 Palmer Square East in Princeton, New Jersey. Call (609) 497-0008 to place your order. For the Specialty Cocktail Party order, call Alexandra Ruddy at (917) 703-7717.


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