Food Indulgence in Aruba

IMG_20191225_184515You might think Aruba is best known for it’s pebble and seaweed-free beaches and clearer-than-a-pool sea. You also probably imagine that it’s 85-degree sun-filled weather is another major draw. While I agree with you on all those things I also think Aruba is a mecca for foodies, especially Russians who like to fill their bellies with best of the best elaborately displayed gourmet food. What did you think I was going to talk about? This is Whimsical Thinkers where we always find the whimsical in everything.


Before I go any further let me give a definition of a Russian dinner table and maybe you’ll understand why this hotel appeals to me. There isn’t an inch of table space that should be left exposed. See picture below. Food must be creatively arranged, taste beyond exquisite and be everywhere. There should also be an enormous variety of dishes available. Not two or three appetizers, but seven to eight at minimum. Which is why the chef at the Riu Aruba hotel we stayed at nailed the food, in my opinion.

img_20191231_222513Example of a Russian dinner table.

Aruba doesn’t have many all inclusive hotels which is why Hotel Riu Palace Aruba is the highest there is. (Even if you are not into an all-inclusive, the food here might change your mind.) I’m not a big fan of Riu hotels. I find them a bit outdated and lacking in something. Not this hotel. The service is impeccable. The cleanliness is up to par. The location right on the most pristine beach you can imagine is idyllic. But what sets this hotel apart from the others is the food. When you walk into the main buffet at Hotel Riu Palace Aruba your first thought is, “where did the head chef go to culinary school?” Your second thought is, “I should have brought a size large bathing suit not small?”

Do you fancy the finest prosciutto imported from Italy? They’ve got it. Baked ham with orange slices and compote? Roasted 27-pound stuffed turkey accompanied with homemade cranberry sauce? But of course. Elaborately displayed and carved fruit next to a flowing dipping chocolate fountain or maybe the countless deserts that you can’t take your eye off? Down it all with the finest Champagne and you’ve got yourself a tasty vacation. All of it is a feast on all your senses and the reason I highly recommend this particular hotel.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

For bookings visit Hotel Riu Palace Aruba J.E. Irausquin Blvd 79, Noord, Aruba or call (297) 586-3900.

img_20191222_193552-1.jpgFrog legs




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