How to Not Get Into a Fight With Your Spouse When They Come Home in a Sour Mood


They, NOT you, you are always on point. Your mood is always peachy perfect, but them! He or she can come home as if they’ve been carrying the weight of the day, ALL day and can finally unload the hefty load onto your surprised lap.

Or maybe you just got home and they’ve been waiting to pounce on someone, and children won’t get it, so voila, you are it. You know what I’m talking about. You can feel it emanating off them like a dazzling diamond. If you could bottle that energy and sell it, you could call it, Getting Hit By Lighting or Shit Has Hit The Fan And Smashed All Over Your Face.

Their boss was a specific kind of nightmare today. The idiot car driver ahead of them turned their otherwise, ideal commute into a cursing frenzy. Their co-worker chewed their ear off, and then asked them to lunch which they couldn’t refuse or it would seem rude. They got zero work done today, and don’t get them started on the rain.

If you don’t handle this right, you see this fight spiraling so out of control that divorce papers won’t help you. Instead you decide to focus on these certified-by-no-one, but 100 percent-guaranteed to maybe work steps. HOW TO NOT GET INTO A FIGHT WITH YOUR SPOUSE WHEN THEY COME HOME IN A SOUR MOOD:


  • Run out of the room – if they can’t see you, they can’t find shit to yell at you about.


  • Put an inconspicuous glass of whiskey somewhere in their path. Alcohol always diffuses the mood.


  • Carry your child on your hip proudly displayed – children always change the mood. Your husband or wife can’t vent at you if you’ve got an adorable toddler bouncing up and down your lap; or a sullen teenager standing before you, whose mood is ten times nastier than theirs will ever be.


  • Sex it out. Schedule sex ASAP. Sex smoothes everything, including a sour mood.


If your significant other has come home in a sour mood about to explode, let us know how you handled the situation.


If you’ve tried our How To moves, please share which one worked for you. I prefer running out of the room.




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