How to Not Make the Bed Today

Let’s face it, some of us are very strict about our bed-making routines in the morning. You don’t feel complete, wholesome, intact, until your sheets and pillows are neatly arranged on display for no one to see. How many of you, I wonder, will reply with, “I have a minimum of five non-family members walk by my bed every day on a daily parade-through my house.” Unless you are selling your home, and need to clean for obvious purposes, I doubt you have daily inspections going on. This begs the question, if nobody is seeing it, why do we bother?

My husband leaves the house by seven in the morning, not to return until after eight at night. My children, get back after school, but I know families whose parents work full time, where nobody makes it home until after six. I’m at home but I don’t hang out in the bedrooms. I work downstairs in the living room, kitchen, office. So, if nobody is upstairs the majority of the day, why do we push ourselves to make things presentable?

I can feel the mysophobes, like my mom, aching to yell out, because, “You need to teach your children responsibility, cleanliness, values like leading an orderly-bed-made life.” I have to admit, that I am that way about dishes. I just cannot go to bed without my sink being dish-free. Beds I’m more lenient about. Just don’t tell my children. They HAVE to make theirs EVERYDAY. And, for the most part, so do I. There’s just something about that feeling of walking into a bed-made room that lightens one’s mood.

However, on those days when you simply don’t feel like it. Common, we all have those. I give you my plan for avoiding the routine. Here is HOW TO NOT MAKE THE BED TODAY:


  • When you wake up. Don’t look at anything in your way and shuffle out of the room. The sooner you leave the scene the better.


  • Avoid entering the room throughout the day. Even if you need to retrieve an item. Find it elsewhere. You know the crumpled up white, 300-thread-count, luxuriously-inviting sheets will just leave you in a shamble. Every ounce of your being will howl out, just make the bed. Don’t do it!


  • Before your husband gets home from work, you might feel the need to make things presentable. But you will remember that you haven’t touched your bed all day. What will he think? Quickly, put something sexy on instead; a teddy with garters, boy shorts with a cleavage-exposed bra. Expertly cover yourself with a robe to distract him, and hide the ploy from your children. Immediately after the kids go to sleep, lead him upstairs to… voila…an already invitingly-unmade bed. (Pat yourself on the back for being the genius that you are in this obviously-brilliant scheme.)


  • Since, you’ve cooked the meals, fed everyone including the animals, cleaned the dishes, and did the laundry, just say, the heck with it. I’m taking the day off from making the bed! You do deserve it after all.


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Click Here to leave a comment if you made the bed today, and go eat a piece of chocolate you deserve it!


Click Here to leave a comment if you Didn’t Make The Bed today…if you said the heck with it, nobody sees it anyway. Now, go eat a piece of chocolate anyway. You deserve it.


Share your unmade bed adventure with us below.



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