Whimsical Thinker’s 5 Tips to Survive a Thursday in Quarantine

  1. Stop watching my-life-has-turned-into-AGT (America’s Got Talent)-videos on all media platforms:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
  • TV
  • Phone


   2. Stop forwarding useless memes to your mom, dad, friend, cousin, colleague, grandpa, son, boss and especially your landscaper.

vand-down-by-river© 2020 AMG/Parade. All rights reserved.

(Thanks Parade.com for this gem! Go Ahead and Laugh! Here Are 50+ of the Best Coronavirus Memes We’ve Seen So Far).

   3. Go outside and think at least I can go outside. New Yorkers, Bostonians, Philadelphians are struggling more than you.

   4. Don’t think about anyone else whose situation is even more dreadful than yours; it will just make you cry.

   5. Don’t watch the news. 


If these fail and you still feel helpless, and depressed reach out to someone in need, and ask them what they need. It might make you feel better to help someone other than yourself.



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