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          “A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” – Richard Branson

Donna Estulin spent more than ten years working in publishing; particularly in children’s books alongside Beverly Cleary and Kenneth C. Davis. She also worked in numerous magazines and newspapers, including GQ and Hellenic Times with John Catsimatidis and Nick Katsoris.

Her practical approach and out-of-the-box promotional ideas are making Whimsical Thinkers the perfect choice for diverse businesses and high-quality brands. More than anything Donna loves to read about new products and write engaging reviews. Whimsical Thinkers aims to create a platform for conversation, discussion and business promotion. If you would like to submit a product or talk about a service Whimsical Thinkers can promote, please pick a service below:

All blog posts include disclaimers.




Please send at minimum of one product to be reviewed by me, unless you are Chanel; then please send as many products as you want. One additional product must be given for the reader who has won the giveaway. Your company’s name, web site, contact information and any relevant product information will be displayed on the blog. A link to your product and company site will be included.


Honorable Sponsor:


Blogs are written from the direction of the topic. See example, How to Stay Focused in Yoga. We will take high resolution photos and provide a link to your site, as well as any relevant product/service information you wish to mention.

Case studies available upon request.




Paid reviews will be conducted by Donna Estulin and will be given the same attention to detail as the latest Supreme Court case. All opinions are my own. Whose would they be otherwise? It’s my blog. Unless I happen to have more than my usual allotted glass-of-wine at bedtime (capacity two in my case, I’m a lightweight, but don’t tell my Russian dad); and my nine-year-old, Daniel takes over the blog and changes your review to Lego Mania Extravaganza. In which case refunds will be honored at 100 percent.

For example: you as the founder of the company will be interviewed at length about what made you start your business and why you love what you do. A journalistic profile piece will be written about you, your company and the latest product your company is promoting. Five professional photos will be featured of you and your company in the piece. Click here to see example, A LAZY GIRL’S SKINCARE ROUTINE.


Case studies available upon request.


For more information, please e-mail Donna Estulin at


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